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Charlotte Mason called it twaddle , and you usually know it when you see it. There are certain authors that repeatedly publish great work after great work. His books usually have a unique set up, such as holes in the pages or smaller pages leading to bigger ones. Some of his best: Owen , Jessica , and Wemberly Worried. Great word choice. His illustrations are beautiful, too. Great characters, too. And beautiful illustrations. His verbosity is descriptive, and his style softens your heart towards the meanest of his characters.

Scary Halloween Story For Kids - Too Much Candy by ELF Learning

A classic. Lately, my four-year-old has been listening to The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter during her quiet times. Next up is Wind in the Willows. Guest poster Sara wrote a wonderful resource of 30 good ideas to instill early literacy — be sure to look through her list of ideas. Ambleside Online provides a comprehensive list of twaddle-free books by age and grade.

This is meant for the Charlotte Mason homeschool method, but you can use it for free reading as well. These are definitely the best of the best. So many of our favorites are on here, and the works these men and women have created absolutely are art. I have to say one of our all-time favorites is Sandra Boynton. Her illustrations are funny and charming, and even as babies my little ones have been captivated by the pages of her books. Her writing is poetic and filled with rhythm, but not in a sing-song-y way that is insulting.

13 Children’s Books About Famous Artists

Yes, both my kids love our Richard Scarry books! Jan Brett is one of our favorites here. And those are just ones with multiple books!! Yes, Jan Brett is wonderful! Thanks for mentioning her. Little Bear is wonderful, too. My daughter is two and we have many of the books by the authors you listed above. One that is missing that is an all time favorite, are the books by Sandra Boynton.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have three children ages 3 to 8, and they LOVE being read to, so this list will help me add to our ever expanding library. Thanks again, and have a great day.

All of these guides or curriculum or sorts , by Jane Claire Lambert, use fabulous, timeless, story books which our children have loved. Yes, Five in a Row is great. Re: Maurice Sendak — I actually had him on the list at first. You have to include Karen Katz in your list of great illustrators! My 1 yo loves her lift-the-flap books.

10 great authors in children's literature | The Art of Simple

Great list! I teach grade 2 and we always do a big Kevin Henkes unit at the beginning of the year since the students love him. We love Tomie de Paola as well. We read my Strega Nona from my childhood. We have Where the Wild Things Are in the stack, but it scares her. Author D. Johnson has written a series of books about a bear called Henry, based on Henry David Thoreau.

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They are beautifully illustrated and so thoughtful. I learn so much when reading them, and my three kids have become enamored with Thoreau as a result! Seuss fan. We have some of his books, but after the really early years, when my kids are learning the basics of language, they kinda lose interest. I agree that Sandra Boynton should be on the list! We also love Mo Willems at our house.

His Elephant and Piggie books are a simple and fun read. Super cute and clever illustrations as well. Great post — these are some of my favorites! As a former teacher and mom of two girls, we do lots of reading and love finding an author who consistently tells great stories.

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We have several and my children frequently pull them out at story time. In our house we are having a debate about these books. There are definitely questionable ethics in these tales — George is told not to do something, he does it when no one is looking, makes a mess, gets caught but somehow manages to fix the situation and he is extensively praised. Do I want my daughter to learn that the ends justify the means?

Absolutely not. Should we keep reading these tales? She loves them but I have stopped enjoying them. Me and my friends would debate the merits of Curious George for exactly the same reasons. Kevin Henkes is our current fave. Thanks for that! What a wonderful list of authors! I am also really happy to learn about audible. Thank you…. Thanks for the great list! My favorite place to get books is the library!

They were the backbone of my childhood library. Always felt rather cheesy and forced to me.