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A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. THE GRANDMOTHER didn't want to go to Florida. She wanted to visit some of her connections in east.

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In a small roadside bar, start a fight between two men. Everyone is encouraged and people start to do your best bets.

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A couple is making love, suddenly Aida is Nacho's best friend. She is like a sister to him and is the person he cares the most about; like two adolescents caring for one another as if they had no one else in the world. The good times he's had by Aida's side are too many to count, with too many nights he wished would never end, too many Mondays arriving too soon, yet always careful not to get too comfortable with Aida's friendship, the type of best friend we've all had and the type of woman we've all come to respect.

We've all been teenagers at some point in our lives, and because all of us, at some point, have cried over a woman. Siel, a child of 4 years strong and dreamer, lives in a humble family absorbed by conformism and resignation. One night, a December 25, Siel witnesses a traumatic experience to be repeated every Christmas. The innocence of Siel faces the horror of that night, where the value of things is invertedand completely destroyed his innocence.

After the beatings, to Siel subtracted only hope, patient in pain and angry, to find the courage to act. Fourteen years later change the course of history to strike back, tenfold. Television fiction under the formal guise of a documentary, which appears to have been recorded in , yet with the methods, style and equipment of the year Thanks to this play on time time, the heroes of one of the most important episodes in history of Catalonia during the 20th century discuss the details of that moment in the first person, while an inquisitive camera allows us to relive the events that took place in Barcelona between 14 and 17 April , the three days that the Catalan Republic was in force.

It was an audacious feat that overthrew the king and made Catalan self-government possible, for the first time since Sabela lives alone with her two sons: Dani, a young sceptic with no direction in his life who neither goes to school nor works; and Iago, a hard-working boy who dreams of becoming mayor, a goal far from easy for a person like him, who suffers from Down syndrome. When Iago's great efforts pay off and he manages to run for the office in the official elections, Dani follows his example and changes his attitude, thus restoring his hope and optimism for the future.

Eva is a young police agent in the theft department who has set her sights set on working in the homicide unit. One day, she is asked to join the hunt for a serial killer with a penchant for murdering elderly women. The young agent, who is also a single mother to a sixyear-old boy, will have to juggle her personal duties as a mother with the capture the murderer, while at the same time facing up to Chief Inspector Xavier Vidal, who has always blocked her entry to the homicide unit.

Manelic, a simple and primitive man, is called to marry Marta, a young woman who lives in the Down Land and who has been forced to engage in sexual relations with her master, Sebastian. This will enable Sebastian to continue to pursue his secret relations with Marta, under the cover of what he considers a marriage of convenience.

Yet in Manelic's love, Marta finds the strength to free herself and to break the dependence that has kept her bound to Sebastian.