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Because although it would be easier for me to just distance myself from you I rather do my part in nurturing this relationship. You must remember that in order for a dysfunctional family to become functional, all the work needs to stem from love.

5 Ways to Make People Happy

What happens if a member of the family refuses to change and is happy with the harm he or she is dealing? Although nobody likes to beak away from family members, we must remember we have a responsibility with ourselves as individuals, before any relationship with anyone. You have the responsibility of making yourself happy and free.

Because you matter as an individual, regardless of any relationships you have, be it family, friendship or romantic.

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So in case you are dealing with a family member who is simply unwilling to change take both physical and emotional distance. Instead take a deep breath and distance yourself emotionally. Accept that even without that relationship you are whole, you are worthy of love and respect.

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We often think that since we all are imperfect, we must take the good and the bad behaviors of people. And we are especially forgiving towards our family…. Well, guess what? We are also responsible adults who are aware and must own to their acts. Never excuse abuse or violence or transgression towards you or anybody else.

Choose your happiness and if possible, also distance yourself physically, as it will increase your peace of mind tenfold. There are two key concepts you must bear in mind in order to prevent the dysfunctionality of a family:.

Dysfunctional families are the product of irresponsible paternity, for the decades-long unresolved emotional conflict ends up surfacing in the family inevitably, and it will for sure harm those who least deserve it: Innocent children. You may notice we went from talking about family, to talking about individual relationships, to talking about you. Because in the end you have the power to fix a dysfunctional family. You may be part of a dysfunctional family, but that does not mean you are powerless or that you have to suffer the consequences. You learned that, if love exists, everything is possible.

You learned that even when there is no love and no fix for your dysfunctional family, there are still things you can do. Everything will be better if you apply this knowledge. If you talk to that problematic family member. If you help them see the harm they are doing. If you make sure they do change and treat you the way you need to be treated…. If you choose yourself over that toxic family member.

If you refuse to justify the harm that others can do to yourself. If you realize the most important relationship you have is with yourself. And lastly, that you also have to be aware of your actions and be open to criticism. Because we might be unknowingly harming others. And that would be us creating a dysfunctionality.

Dysfunctional families are not impossible to fix. It just takes love, cooperation and responsibility. Featured photo credit: Xavier Mouton Photographie via unsplash. Communication Motivation Advertising.

America is obsessed with happiness — and it’s making us miserable

Cyndi Calhoun Cyndi is a passionate writer who writes about lifestyle tips on Lifehack. Share Pin it Tweet Share Email. You can increase your own happiness quotient too by doing these 14 things that make you happy: 1. More by this author Cyndi Calhoun Cyndi is a passionate writer who writes about lifestyle tips on Lifehack. Read Next. Communication Relationships Social Animal Advertising.

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You know how this looks: Parents constantly comparing children. Siblings in conflict because of tolerated bullying. Domestic violence. Adultery… And many others. If you have ever felt in this position, or if you know somebody who is, this article is for you. Table of Contents How to fix a dysfunctional family Dysfunctional Or just average? The link to productivity How to turn it around Correction is possible Putting it to work in real life It's a family thing It's not a free-for-all battle The method How to prevent it Priorities and clear thought. Bonus: Download a free step-by-step checklist that includes all the 24 ways to make someone happy it's easy to save as a PDF or print out for whenever you need it during your day or week.

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Give a sincere compliment. Many positive things tend to go unsaid. Or something he or she has been putting in a good effort with like getting into better shape for the last few months. Let someone into your lane while you're driving. It can unstress his or her day quite a bit. Hold the door open for a few extra seconds. Express your gratitude for what is too often taken for granted. We may sometimes take what others do a bit too much for granted.

Like the food they cook, how they keep doing their job consistently each and every day or how to they are there to listen when we need it.

We polled 10,000 customers to learn what makes people happy at work

Give away a piece of your hobby. Like a bracelet or a drawing you have made for instance.

Share some of your fall harvest. For example some jam, canned vegetables or dried delicious mushrooms or fruit. The world can be a tough and discouraging place at times. So encourage someone who is in a negative situation at the moment. Add your own perhaps more grounded and optimistic perspective on the situation to lessen his or her worries and perhaps exaggerated fears.

Tell a good — or terrible — joke. Or a funny story about something that happened to you last week. Share something funny you found online. Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up show you love if you are out of jokes and good stories at the moment. Share a Spotify-playlist with the most inspiring and uplifting songs you know. Send it to a friend that needs it right now. Or share it with family, friends or co-workers on social media. Give a stranger a compliment. Few things can brighten a day like getting a kind and unexpected compliment from someone you pass by or you have just met.

So take a few seconds and give that to someone you encounter today and tell her how nice her shoes, hat or hairstyle looks. Or ask him where he where he got that cool t-shirt or umbrella. Help out practically with advice. If a friend needs some help then ask someone you know who has been in that situation for advice. Nor should we be, because bubbles sometimes pop on the ground, get soap everywhere, and require clean up. But the ones that you really want to live near will relax into it.

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And your disagreements will make your relationship stronger because every time you shake the bridge, and a couple of bricks fall down, you will repair it and put in reinforcements. Epictetus said.