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This book was published after his death. There is a dark scene in the house of Red Reera uncommon Little Dorothy and Toto, is the second story in a set of six short stories Little Dorothy and Toto, is the second story in a set of six short stories written for young children by L. Frank Baum, the creator of the Oz books. Little Wizard Stories of Oz is a set of six short stories written for young Little Wizard Stories of Oz is a set of six short stories written for young children by L.

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The six tales were published in separate small booklets, Oz books in miniature, in Mary Louise. They enter a seemingly empty cottage and are welcomed by invisible people, for they have entered the Valley of Voe, whose inhabitants are able to remain invisible by eating a magic fruit, and use their invisibility to hide from marauding bears. In order to avoid being eaten by the bears, the travelers move on.

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The companions climb Pyramid Mountain, and meet the Braided Man, a manufacturer of holes, flutters guaranteed to make any flag flutter on a windless day , and rustles for silk dresses. After exchanging gifts with him, the travelers continue upwards into the Land of the Gargoyles, which are hostile, silent, flying monsters made of wood.

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The travelers are able, at first, to repel their attack successfully because the Gargoyles are frightened by loud noises. However, the travelers are soon out of breath and unable to make more noise, so the Gargoyles capture them.

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After recuperating from the fight, the travelers manage to escape, and enter another tunnel. After a close encounter with a family of baby dragons, they find themselves trapped in a cave with no exit.

The Wizard, Zeb, and the animals all fear that they will die of thirst, but Dorothy reveals that she has an arrangement with Princess Ozma: each day at four o'clock, Ozma uses her magic picture to see what Dorothy is doing, and if Dorothy gives a certain visual hand-signal, Ozma will use her magic belt to transport Dorothy out of danger to the Emerald City. In this way, the travelers are rescued.

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  • Soon after renewing his acquaintance with the Emerald City staff and making the acquaintance of Ozma and her courtiers, the Wizard elects to remain in Oz permanently, planning to learn real magic from Glinda the good witch. He demonstrates his piglet-trick in a magic show, and gives one of the piglets to Ozma as a pet. The others stay for an extended visit, whose highlights include a race between the wooden Saw-Horse and Jim, which the Sawhorse wins.

    Eureka is accused of eating Ozma's pet piglet. In fact, Eureka is innocent and the piglet is alive and well, but the obstinate Eureka enjoys being the center of the court's attention, and does not try to prove her innocence until the trial is over. Four years passed between the first and second Oz books , and three between the second and third After 's Ozma of Oz, Baum devoted more of his energies to Oz.

    A contract between Baum and his publisher called for new Oz books at two-year intervals between and In fact, Baum accelerated this schedule, producing Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz only a year after the previous book.

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    The effect of this effort on the quality of the resulting work can only be a matter of speculation; but commentators have noted that this fourth Oz book is darker and more troubling than usual. Frank Lyman Frank , Medium p. Illustrated lining-papers. Part of Library of Congress Online Catalog 1,, Cite This Item Citations are generated automatically from bibliographic data as a convenience, and may not be complete or accurate.

    Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum (1907 1st Edition, Hardcover, Illustrated)

    Chicago citation style: Baum, L. APA citation style: Baum, L. MLA citation style: Baum, L. Contributor: Baum, L. Frank Lyman Frank Date: Also available in digital form. Illustrated title-page in color, illustrated end-papers. Frank Lyman Frank - Denslow, W. William Wallace Date: You might also like.