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And the narrative almost went with that, until he turned into a cackling monster who planned everything out from the beginning and has also been a near-sociopathic asshole which, okay, if you're going to go with that it's not particularly inspired but it is a thing, but then he also turns into someone who is completely insane with love for Jennie goodness knows why and also is gross and wants to murder her for her deus ex machina inheritance?

To wit: the antagonist makes no sense. It's a quick read and, like I said, not a bad book, but it was, to me, ultimately disappointing. This creepy historical ghost story had a surprising twist at the end. I think the scariest part was how awfully Jennie's aunt and uncle treated her!

The quirky illustrations really added to the story. My only complaint is that in reading it as an ebook I couldn't see the details of the illustrations especially the writing. I feel like I missed out and would recommend reading this one as a physical book instead. Dec 19, Small Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: g-gothic , library-own-print , library-own-rp , g-historical-fantasy , g-historical-lite , library-own-read , library-own-re , read , g-historical-fiction , library-own Love the pretty This is a goooood book.

The publishers and illustrator Lisa Brown really went all out in designing a book that is visually attractive and replicates the feel of a scrapbook something that plays an important role in the story. The combined package serves to create a reading experience rich in atmosphere tha Love the pretty This is a goooood book. The combined package serves to create a reading experience rich in atmosphere that perfectly complements the spooky story inside. As an added bonus, the pictures contain clues and foreshadow the events to come.

When an author mixes them all together.

And when that author is the amazing Adele Griffin, you have nothing short of pure awesomeness. I mean it. Threaten them if you have to. Bribe them with cookies. Except, maybe bring a dog with you. They'll sense if there's a ghost nearby--just ask Susan Hill.

You want to let yourself become totally absorbed and transported into the story. For me, this is one of those books where the real world disappeared around me. The scenes! The images created are just so tangible. Sure there could be plausible, non-supernatural explanations, but the supernatural explanations are just as possible. The story is filled with twists and turns that kept me constantly guessing and gripping the edge of my seat in anticipation. I just wanted to reach into the book and start shaking the characters to tell me the truth already! But I never knew whose neck to wring…not that I would have believed a single one of them anyway.

Ulterior motives and alternative explanations abound and all of the possible scenarios are equally convincing. I felt like I was in a choose your own adventure book where I was presented with numerous possible paths. Which brother is good, and which is evil?

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Or are they both good, or are they both evil? All of the threads come together in an explosive climax that left me positively giddy. These people! She has a tendency to stretch the truth and steal, so I was often unsure as to how much I could trust her. Still, her exaggerations were amusing and actually made me like her more. I felt so connected with her over our shared hatred of her despicable aunt.

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Now that aunt was a woman I love to hate! I felt so strongly about all of the characters. Even the minor ones drew out a reaction from me.

I just want to have a sleepover party and gasp, gossip, and giggle about these people. Usually when I think of grief I think of just a horrible blanket of mourning that smothers everything. The feeling is unbearable, but it is clear. The other side of death, however, is often confusion. Not every death is neat and concrete with tangible explanations we can grasp onto as an anchor in a sea of grief.

“Mirrors With Memories”: Why Did Victorians Take Pictures of Dead People?

These types of deaths can be messy and are almost crueler in the confusion and swirl of conflicting emotions they evoke. This yo-yoing torment is what poor Jennie experiences and it is both terribly sad and morbidly enthralling. If you like books like The Thirteenth Tale then read it. You guessed it: The Special Shelf. Originally posted at Small Review View 1 comment. Feb 22, Lauren Stoolfire rated it liked it Shelves: gothic , romance , mystery , paranormal , war , historical-fiction.

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Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin and illustrated by Lisa Brown is a good paranormal mystery set during the Civil War, if a bit predictable. Personally, I was hoping for a little bit more outright horror and a bit of a faster pace. However, though, I love that this story is practically dripping with atmosphere and those eerie illustrations definitely helped set the tone. Nov 08, Gillian rated it it was ok. It was not my favorite book. Jul 16, Margo Tanenbaum rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , ghosts , mysteries , civil-war. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown have written a unique illustrated young adult novel that is difficult to categorize. It's carefully researched historical fiction but also a ghost story and a mystery with graphic novel elements as well. With illustrations that mimic the look of a Civil War scrapbook kept by our heroine, our story is told in the first person by orphan Jennie Lovell, who together with her twin brother has been raised for the last four years b Recommended for ages 12 and up.

With illustrations that mimic the look of a Civil War scrapbook kept by our heroine, our story is told in the first person by orphan Jennie Lovell, who together with her twin brother has been raised for the last four years by her aunt and uncle alongside their two sons, Will and Quinn.

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Before the novel opens, Jennie and Will have fallen in love and become engaged. Jennie's girlish dreams of happiness vanish as all three young men in the household go off to fight for the Union cause.

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First her brother dies of disease which killed many more soldiers than did the battles themselves , then her cousin Quinn staggers home with a terrible wound to his face and the news that her fiance, Will, has died in combat. Or has he? There is certainly no shortage of novels for young people about this period, but Picture the Dead, with its genre-bending story, makes an important contribution to Civil War novels and would be an excellent purchase for school or public libraries, as well as for any reader who enjoys a good mystery and ghost story.

Apr 18, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews , young-adult.

The slow death of the Dead Sea - in pictures

She has lost her brother and now her fiance on the battlefields. With both the men gone Jennie feels lost. When she becomes friends with a spirit photographer she learns secrets that are almost too hard to bare. An interesting story about war, spirits and death. I've always found stories of the civil war captivating, especially hauntings or ghost stories. I found Jenny's journey very enjoyable. The book has a definite Gothic feel, rich with historical detail that will keep the reader captivated. Among the death and the grief there is a bit of a romance, but when the mystery is play out the relationship takes a surprising turn I wasn't expecting.

Picture the Dead is a dark, mysterious, a deliciously creepy read. Nov 11, Kat Heckenbach rated it liked it. The voice and writing in this book are strong, and I did find myself connecting quite well to the main character, Jennie. However, the other characters never really came to life for me. I found the story interesting, though, and loved the ghostly elements. There are illustrations--I happen to be someone who finds illustrations distracting, but I can see why these were included. It does add to the historical feel of the novel, and reinforces Jennie's obsession with her scrapbook.

Overa The voice and writing in this book are strong, and I did find myself connecting quite well to the main character, Jennie. Overall a good read. Picture the Dead is one of those books that I was actually really excited to read.