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A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND. THE GRANDMOTHER didn't want to go to Florida. She wanted to visit some of her connections in east.

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Consistent with EFF's brief, a federal magistrate judge in New York rejected the government's arguments, calling them "unsupported," "misleading," "contrived," and a "Hail Mary. The FCC's "broadcast flag" mandate would have given copyright holders and the government a veto over development and use of digital television tuners. Only technologies crippled by copy protection would have been legal. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously concluded, as EFF and a coalition of public interest groups had argued, that the FCC lacked authority to regulate what happens inside your TV or computer once it has received a broadcast signal.

When internal memos exposing flaws in Diebold Election Systems' electronic voting machines leaked onto the Internet, Diebold used bogus copyright threats to silence its critics. Equally important, the case set a precedent that will allow other Internet users and their ISPs to fight back against improper copyright threats. EFF established that computer code is speech and shielded the developers of privacy-protecting software from government censorship.

In , researcher Dan Bernstein planned to distribute an encryption program he had written that could help prevent strangers from snooping on online communications, discovering passwords, and stealing credit card numbers. But draconian federal laws restricted the publication of his program, treating privacy protection as a potential threat to national security. EFF successfully sued the government on behalf of Bernstein, and a federal court affirmed, for the first time, that software code deserves First Amendment protection.

EFF extended free speech protections online, successfully challenging the constitutionality of Internet censorship laws. In , EFF and a coalition of public interest groups sued to block the Communications Decency Act, which criminalized publishing certain content online that the government clearly could not prohibit offline. Unanimously, the U. Supreme Court struck down the law and established that online speech deserves the full protection of the First Amendment.

Congress still didn't learn its lesson, subsequently passing the slightly narrower but still gravely dangerous Children Online Protection Act. EFF set one of the first precedents protecting computer communications from unwarranted government invasion. The computers included the company's electronic bulletin board system, a precursor the Internet for exchanging private email. This case was the first to establish that it is illegal for law enforcement to access and read private electronic mail without a warrant. Join EFF Lists.

Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF Legal Victories. Manalapan v.

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Sony Rootkit scandal EFF held Sony BMG accountable for infecting its customers' computers with software that created grave security vulnerabilities and let the company spy on listening behavior. MGM v. Apple v. Does EFF defended online journalists and their rights to protect the confidentiality of sources as offline reporters do. USA v. ALA v. In the past, we'd gone as far runner-up eight times but had let victory slip away.

We thought deeply about how we could win, but weren't able to. After carrying all that with us, it was really a welcome relief in a way. There was also great joy, of course, and a refreshing feeling of rejuvenation. Shinoda: I think the championship title is the embodiment of our determination to never quit, and of the team's united spirit.

Winning Quotes

I felt the same as Kengo; I was overcome with elation and a massive sense of relief. Kengo Nakamura collapses on the field with tears of joy after seizing victory. Nakamura: I don't think we've changed that much, but the expectations of the people around us have definitely shifted.

We get rebuked pretty harshly just for losing one match now laughs.

A Victory for Democracy in North Carolina

But I think that comes with the territory of being champion. Also, I feel like the teams we play against are studying us more closely, and I feel their determination to beat us. But I think that overcoming these pressures is what's going to make us even stronger and more competitive. I want to win again this year and experience it all over again. It really was an awesome feeling. Kengo Nakamura and his teammates going through the paces of physical training at their practice ground.

Nakamura: Last season, I think we were able to stick to our philosophy of "offense soccer," while also strengthening our defense, and developing a strategy that leaves fewer weak spots.

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Shinoda: The secret behind Frontale's strength lies in the players' awareness of the importance of training, and the sense of unity among the teammates. I joined the team last season, but before that, Frontale hadn't had a fitness coach for five years. I heard that all the players did their warm-up routines individually, without any guidance. I was worried at first about how a team like that would react to my approach, but everyone was fully committed from day one.

With the championship title in their sights, they spared no effort in even the most painstaking exercises.

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Kengo Nakamura during the interview. Tossing around the occasional joke, he showed glimpses of his role as an inspirational member of the team.

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Nakamura: It'd been a while since we got together as a team for our physical training. It was an invigorating experience. Also, I'm getting to be that age where I'm not a huge fan of physical training, so I was worried at first if this coach was going to be a pain in the neck laughs. He's a keen observer of the player's physical conditions and considers the time we have until our next match when he puts together our training regimen. So we feel at ease whenever we want to discuss any problems we might have. It's not just me. All my teammates trust him, too. Fitness coach Yosuke Shinoda going through warm-up routines with the players.

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His mild-mannered demeanor is striking. Nakamura: That's right. Before he joined, we struggled with players getting injured every year. I've sustained injuries too, and haven't been able to play in some matches.

Some of these injuries happen during games, where there's often intense physical contact, and that can't be helped. But we were also getting muscle-related injuries like pulls and tears. I think having Shinoda join with his approach to address this problem really had a positive impact. We had fewer injuries in the second half of the season, which I think we can attribute to the physical training routines. Yosuke Shinoda, the fitness coach, discusses the importance of physical training designed to avoid injuries.

Shinoda: One thing I consider crucial in physical training is to build bodies that don't get injured. If you can avoid injuries, you can consistently continue your practice. This naturally boosts fitness, which in turn leads to better match performance and more victories for the team.

What's more, I think when athletes enjoy themselves during training, it helps to prevent injuries. I make a point of having trivial, nonsensical conversations during training.