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Spanking may also teach kids that an effective response to feeling angry is to become aggressive. And some kids misbehave to gain attention. So spanking may actually reinforce negative behaviors. For these reasons, experts do not recommend spanking. Other ways to discipline kids effectively include using timeouts, withholding privileges, modeling appropriate behavior like self-control , and helping kids understand the connection between actions and consequences.

It's also important to give kids lots of positive reinforcement e. If you feel you need more guidance, talk to your doctor or contact a child psychologist or counselor. He was a strong, tall man with big hands and a masculine build. I went to a strict school for bad girls to be trained into behaving better. Every time this teacher would bend me over my desk and paddle my backside, I would find myself looking forward to the light stinging as my ass would get covered in red marks. My classmates thought that it was because I was ashamed, but it was actually because I wanted to stick my fingers into my panties and touch myself.

Soon I found myself getting into trouble deliberately so that I could get a paddling from this teacher, and then go and masturbate in the toilet.

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I would shout and play around so that he would be forced to bend me over my desk and paddle my buttcheeks lightly with his hand. Once I was watching him while he was doing it and could see that his cock was completely erect and throbbing inside his pants as he spanked my pert bottom. I was so turned on that I came right there as he patted my bum.

I shuddered as my orgasm overtook me. I lay there panting afterward, and no one could see that my panties were completely dripping with pussy juice. But when I grew up, ten years later I was still turned on my having my ass spanked.

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No one ever did it quite as nicely as my teacher in high school. So, I want to tell you my spanking story about what happened when I met my ass spanking master. I was working as a hostess in one of the fanciest restaurants in the city. It was my job to book all the guests a table, and then show them where to sit when they arrived. I had some regular customers, and they were always good enough to show me their appreciation when I saved the best tables for them.

One of my regular customers booked a table he said was for a special occasion. He said his brother was visiting from overseas and he wanted to show him a really good time.

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I suggested he might want to go to a nightclub afterward or even catch a show. He said he would see how the evening unfolded after his brother and he had finished dining at the restaurant. The man who had been so good at paddling my bottom when I was a young, teenage girl was standing right in front of me.

The ten years that we had been apart had only made him hotter. He had a light dusting of grey hair at his temples, but the muscles on his body were still big and well developed. I wondered if he had recognized me too. I had changed a lot from the shy teenage girl who had her long hair in pigtails and wore braces. Now, I still had long hair, but it was pulled back into an elegant chignon.


You are correct. Peaceful does not mean permissive, it means calm and cooperative.

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Also, the 14th Amendment does apply and demands that our rights as parents end where our children's bodies begin. There is no excuse for harming others and hitting is harming. I now consult with parents so they can find peaceful solutions. I thank you for being honest, open, and steadfast. Post a Comment.

Teaching and learning from preschoolers. Yesterday, I re-posted a link on the Teacher Tom Facebook page to yet another study about the negative consequences of hitting children -- what some folks call spanking. Whenever the subject comes up, I'm always shocked, and then depressed, by the fact that there are so many people out there who still insist upon their right, even responsibility, to hit their kids. Some even seem proud of it. Those of you who have been reading here for any time know that I don't shy away from debate, but this is one of those issues that preemptively exhausts me, like arguing evolution with people who simply don't "believe in it.

The evidence has only gotten stronger since then. I'm grateful to the brilliant Alec from Child's Play Music for yesterday linking to better studies in the comments than did I in the original Facebook post, including a comprehensive meta-analysis of 89 studies. Alec wrote:.

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People, it is settled science that hitting kids is a bad idea. Prisons are not full of people who weren't hit enough as children -- it fact, the opposite is true.

Kids today are not more "spoiled" than past generations because they've not been hit enough: mean-spirited people have always made that complaint about the next generation. From reader Erin:.

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Spanking For ADHD? Don’t Do It! - CHADD

I'm also not buying the necessity for children to learn obedience, let alone via being hit. In fact, I've found that obedient people are dangers to both themselves and others. I find it bizarre that it is illegal in our country to hit another person, except if that person is a child and you call it spanking.

The thought of a big strong adult hitting a weaker child sickens me. And I have no patience for the argument that "I was spanked and I turned out okay," or more simply, "It works. But you know, none of this even comes into consideration when forming my own opinion about spanking. These are all rationales fashioned to persuade other people that spanking must stop, but for me it comes down to simple morality.

I don't hit people. I don't hit people even when I'm right. I don't hit people when I'm angry. I don't hit people when they won't do what I want them to do. I don't hit other people because hitting is immoral. And it doesn't soften me to call it "spanking. We should follow in Sweden's footsteps. Posted by Teacher Tom at AM. Labels: parenting. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

16-year-old girl arrested for punching dad who tried to spank her rear

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I put a lot of time and effort into it. If you'd like to support me please consider a small contribution to the cause. Thank you! After nearly 20 years as the preschool teacher at the Woodland Park Cooperative School teaching children from , I've stepped into a new role as Head of Education for Weekdays see below. Our vision is to help teachers, daycare providers, and parents to be their own bosses by starting their own play-based neighborhood preschools and daycares.

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