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She characterized her encounter with Vivekananda as providential; he being the deliverer of the call to service she had been waiting for.

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Three-months after arriving in India, she became the first Western woman to be received into an Indian monastic order. Soon, she opened a school for girls and spent the remainder of her life in service to India, teaching, caring for the ill and promoting Indian independence.

But, of course, this book is not about her rather, it is about the man who inspired her, Vivekananda. In this portrait, you will find a God-driven man who gave his all for God and country, dedicating himself to the resurrection of India to her rightful glory. The mission of Buddha, in the centuries before the Christian era, was twofold.

The master as I saw him; being pages from the life of the Swami Vivekananda,

He was the source, on the one hand, of a current of energy, that swept out from the home-waters to warm and fertilise the shores of distant lands. India, scattering his message over the Eastern world, became the maker of nations, of churches, of literatures, arts and scientific systems, in countries far beyond her own borders. Retrieved April 11, The Spirit of Oriental Poetry. History of Modern India, A. University of California Press.

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Swami Vivekananda. Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha Bahujana sukhaya bahujana hitaya cha.

Shuddhananda Virajananda Swarupananda Paramananda. Biley Bireswar. WikiProject Commons Wikiquote Wikisource texts.

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Ramendra Sundar Bhattacharya Narayan Chandra Ghosh. Pratap Chandra Majumdar Shivanath Shastri Trailokya Nath Dev Girish Chandra Sen Krishna Kumar Mitra Upadhyay Brahmabandhav Sarada Sundari Devi Trailokya Nath Sanyal Priyanath Mallick Kshirod Chandra Sen Kamakhya Nath Bandyopadhyay Nagendra Nath Gupta Abdul Wajij Aswini Kumar Datta.


The Temple Garden of Dakshineswar — M. Mahendra Nath Gupta. As far as I recall, it was a summer morning. Our country home was in Khunbaria Village in the district of Medinipur, which is twenty miles from Kamarpukur, the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna. My father and the Master were contemporaries.

They had known each other since childhood and were friends. My father lived both in the village and in Calcutta.

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He always visited the Master when he travelled to and from Calcutta. If the Master had any news to send to Kamarpukur, my father would get it before leaving for the village, and then he would bring the news from Kamarpukur to the Master when he returned to Calcutta. There you will see a famous Kali temple and a living God. When my friends invited me to play with them, I felt that they did not belong to me and that my real playmates were in that higher realm.

The master as I saw him : being pages from the life of the Swami Vivekananda

So I was reluctant to play with them. Then an indistinct dream world would manifest in my mind. So quite often I was unmindful and indifferent to this world. After bathing in the Ganges, I would pick some flowers and return home. However, I always felt a desire to be with the Master. From my boyhood I had no attraction for worldly things, but I had a natural affinity for the deities.

After I was initiated in the sacred thread ceremony, I used to go to pick flowers regularly in the temple garden. Subodh and his friend Kshirod first visited Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar in August They entered the room and saluted him with folded hands. Kshirod approached the Master, who was seated on his bed, but Subodh remained by the door.

Come nearer. That was before you were born.