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They invariably receive torrents of abuse. The argument that the United States could and should have remained on the sidelines in World War II is not entirely convincing—at least with respect to the European theater. It assumes that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union would have exhausted themselves in a stalemated struggle, and the United States and other Western powers would then have been well positioned to pick up the pieces after the collapse of the two totalitarian giants.

The situation might have worked out that way, but such a strategy would have been high-risk. It is equally possible that either Germany or the USSR would have scored a decisive victory and then dominated all of Europe. A Soviet-controlled continent would have been catastrophic; a Europe dominated by Nazi Germany and its volatile, extremely aggressive dictator would have been even worse.

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Roosevelt deserves criticism for the deceitful way in which he maneuvered America toward war, but his alarm at the danger a totalitarian Europe could pose to America was not misplaced. The Pacific theater was different.

War in the Gulf: Lessons for the Third World

Japan's expansionism, while brutal, was not dramatically worse than some European empire-building in the 19th century. With better diplomacy, America probably could have reached a modus vivendi with Japan and avoided war. Instead of seeking pragmatic solutions, however, the Roosevelt administration presented Tokyo with a laundry list of unrealistic and humiliating demands—couched in moralistic, sermonizing terms worthy of the Democratic Party's sainted hero Woodrow Wilson. When the Japanese government did not capitulate, Washington ratcheted up the pressure through economic sanctions, including an oil embargo that threatened to strangle Japan's economy and military.

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The predictable result was war. The notion that decrepit, third-rate powers such as North Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, and Venezuela could ever compare to Nazi Germany—which had the world's second-largest economy and a modern, extremely capable military—would be humorous if U.

Overuse of the Munich analogy impelled U. The argument was that failure to block Hanoi's bid to reunify the country under a communist regime would lead to a cascade of "wars of national liberation" and produce a third world war. The Clinton administration similarly invoked the specter of Europe degenerating into chaos to justify meddling in the Bosnian civil war.

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And the image of Saddam Hussein as rapacious aggressor became the rationale for the Persian Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq. In just the past two decades, the United States has used significant military force on ten occasions, in places as diverse as Panama, Somalia, Haiti, the Balkans, and the Persian Gulf. The book catechizes the Gulf conflict from a Third World point of view.

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He commanded an armoured squadron in the Shakargarh Bulge during the Indo-Pak Conflict ; 75 Armoured Regiment while it was a part of 1st Armoured Division and later went on to command 4 Independent Armoured Brigade. He was a member of the Army's Expert Committee , which was set up to improve the fighting potential of the Army in keeping with the future threat environment and the country's economic compulsions.