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It includes memorable descriptions and illustrations of an African airport, compound, marketplace and more. This story of three siblings and their family observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan conveys the excitement of children as Eid approaches. A wonderful, moving story about a girl Ruby who lived in old China at a time when girls were expected to get married rather than attend university. Author Shirin Yim Bridges clearly explains that this book is set in the past. Are We There Yet?

The Wonderful Ring Story in English - Bedtime Stories - English Fairy Tales

Alison Lester is a fun tour guide as she describes a family trip around Australia. In this story, eight-year-old Grace and her family visit the pinnacles at Perth, squeeze into a camper, snorkel at Turquoise Bay, entertain themselves as they drive, hike between round red domes in the Outback, stop for a picnic lunch, and have many more adventures. A delightful story of a girl Linnea who visits Paris with her neighbor Mr.

Linnea and Mr. Readers will learn about Monet, impressionism, and Paris, and enjoy imaging themselves traveling to Paris.

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She spends her time teaching and learning from her children, running, and searching for great picture books. Would love to share our series with them — story from India and The Philippines. I love your blog and all of the wonderful activities you share here! It was a pleasure to contribute to Kid World Citizen. What a lovely book list — I am especially excited to hear about Galimoto! Thank you for sharing this! Thanks for sharing the book list.

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This was unusual when I was a child. As a teacher, I am delighted that there are so many books that can teach both adults and children about multiculturalism.

I travel a lot, too, and always feel that travel is the best form of education. I agree- as a teacher and as a parent! So happy that there are books that reflect all of our children, and kids around the world. Your blog is such a wonderful resource! This post is a reminder that there are so many great books exposing children to a variety of cultures and that it is our job as parents to teach our children about other cultures.

10 Popular Fairy Tale Stories for Kids

Thanks so much for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop! An evil witch has trapped Rapunzel in a tower. How will she escape? Can love save her? The is the tale of Pocahontas, John Smith and the leader Powhatan. The story tells of the time Pocahontas saved the life of settler John Smith from her father, Powhatan. But without her voice, how can the prince fall in love with her? Della and Jim wish to give each other the perfect Christmas present, but how will they come up with the money? A miller tells a tale that his daughter can turn straw into gold. A strange little man is willing to help…for a price.

Guess his name and he will be gone…but what is his name?

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Robin Hood takes part in an archery contest thrown by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Will he realize its a trap before it is too late? One of the many Tales of Robin Hood. A Mama Duck is proud when her six ducklings hatch from their eggs.

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But one duckling does not look like the others? Is he truly an Ugly Duckling? Interested in using our Stories? Publishers Click Here.

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Folktales or folk tales are stories that have been shared from generation to generation by word of mouth. They consist of Fairy Tales or fairytales , Animal tales and Legends, which you will find here! You will find funny, heart-warming, inspirational and interesting short stories with morals for little kids, which are perfect for teaching such themes as Kindness, Courage, Friendship and Gratitude. Our stories for kids make wonderful Bedtime stories or the perfect story for the classroom to build character and teach Language Arts skills!

We also offer "Early Reader" versions of some of our most popular moral stories; short, simple stories in English which can be used for English Language Learners or the ESL classroom or simply for emergent readers in 1st through 3rd grade.